Just some experiments, inventions, prototypes, toys and ideas that live right on the edge of my imagination.

Extension Player for Spotify
Over 5000+ Installations. 2.39K weekly users. ~450 installations per month. Allows users to control Spotify playback
Tweakpane Latex
Open source on npm registry. A way to write latex in panels.
Liquid-fuelled Rocket to 11,024 feet
Designed some parts (in photo) that went on the LAD8X rocket and the Eureka-1 rocket (a bipropellant rocket that launched at 0.95 mach to 11,024 feet). Designed a ground control dashboard to deploy the control sequence/monitor rocket
Bone Conduction Speakers
Creating bone conduction speakers for the National Engineering Design Competition for MESA club.
p3man (python library)
Open source on pypi. The password manager as simple as 1, 2, 3
This Website
I created this website to share some creations with the world. I hope that people may find some value in it.
Guitar Pedal Board
Used a router on some spare pieces of wood to create this pedalboard. Then stained it.
Power Supply
Power supply for my own experiments in my 'lab'
DIY Lunchbox Amplifier
A guitar amplifier made from a kid's lunchbox.
Basic metronome using a 555 timer IC.
Milk Crate Computer
This milk crate computer assembled from miscellaneous spare parts, Asrock motherboard, unused powersupplies. Running ubuntu.
Giant Slingshot
My neighbor and I built a huge slingshot and launched tennis balls throughout the neighborhood.
Weekend Project: Metronome
Little metronome for practicing your instrument